Lushan County is located in the western margin of Sichuan Basin, northeast of Ya'an, and the upper reaches of Qingyi River. It covers an area of 1,166, administers 6 towns, 2 townships and 1 sub-district, and has a total population of 125,000. Currently, it is home to 253 grass-roots CPC organizations with 5,762 CPC members. It is well known for cultural relics of the Han Dynasty, exquisite root carving and stone carving craftsmanship and revolutionary cultural sites. It is an Old Revolutionary Base Area, a Famous Historic and Cultural City of Sichuan Province, a Healthy County of Sichuan Province and a Civilized City of Sichuan Province, reputed as the Hometown of Cultural Relics of the Han Dynasty and the City of Chinese Ebony Root Carving Art.
    Tourist attractions
    Industrial park
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